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A holistic ministry for women in covenantal community. Our primary focus is to provide healing, empowerment, and opportunity for world-wide ministry to women.

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WOD Bookstore
WOD Bookstore
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Daily DevotionsDaily Devotions
Daily devotions are necessary for relationship to exist. In our devotions we have the opportunity to communicate and grow closer to God which produces a healthy, harmonious union. Visit the website below for your daily spiritual vitamin.
Click here for your Daily Devotional : www.upperroom.org
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The Trials of Everyday LifeThe trials of everyday life
The trials of everyday life can sometimes be overwhelming. Bad news seems to stream in from every direction – television, radio, internet, etc. Take a moment out of your day to escape the negative and focus on the positive. Visit the website below to view "Pathways to Peace." It promises to bless your spirit.
View an inspirational video: www.pathways-to-peace.com
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Spiritual Gifts

Spiritual Gifts
Spiritual Gifts are given to everyone by God. In fact, they
ultimately lead you to your destiny in life. Spiritual gifts identify those talents and gifts that you possess in order to fulfill your raison d'être or your reason for being. Click on the link below and take your free personalized On-line Spiritual Gifts Inventory.
Click here to take Spiritual Gifts Inventory: www.churchgrowth.org Click Here

Women of Destiny DevotionalsWOD Devotionals
These weekly devotionals are meant to inspire, educate and inform. They are written by our Founder, Dr. Lisa, with you in mind. View past devotionals and sign up to receive your free devotionals today. You will be blessed by this offering.
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WOD Inspirational Presentations
Each of us struggle from day to day to remain focused and inspired to acheive our very best. These inspirational presentations will lift you to new heights and give you the personal fortitude and strength to move toward your destiny.

View them all and then forward our site to a friend or relative.


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Click here for more information on the Relationship Show, co-hosted by Dr. Lisa Tait.

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It is a world-wide social networking site that provides premium opportunities for women to fellowship, network and assist one another in the achievement of their personal and collective goals and dreams. This site includes groups for persons seeking employment, new inspirational videos, ability to advertise your ministry, summer opportunities and scholarships for children and youth, interesting blogs, groups with like-minded women and information on life-changing social events and conferences.
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Dr. Tait's photos with ministry partners, personalities, friends, and family.